Day 1

When I’m really unsatisfied with something I really bottle it down. It almost instantly turnes into a headache. And when a bad day comes the headache becomes such a killer it makes me cancel plans – reschedule – sleep in.

Medication doesn’t help – I can just wait for it to be over or cry my eyes out until it puts me to sleep. Hardcore, I know. Also – writing helps… Typing away my pain.

The problems I have sometimes seem ridiculous. But I guess that I am somewhat a perfectionist, I clingue to details and want everything to be perfect… and that’s not what life is about. So I decided to write a little to help end this tortureous day.

28 – Sept – 17

Had to get up really really early after 2 month of work all night – sleep all day shenanigans. It wasn’t pleasant. I knew I wasn’t ready for the exam I was having (I’m a student at the state university in Belgrade): haven’t had enough time to go through all of the books, study everything, remember all the facts… But I went anyway – to try out you know – test my luck.

On my way there – in this intense traffic jam – I had a feeling I’m not in for a pleasant ride. Literally. In the end I managed to get there half an hour early. And the professor was late.

He read out a few names from the list and five of us sat in front of him. I was the first one. I got my questions – sat down – took a pen and a peace of paper to write down a concept for my answears when I actually read the questions I got and realised that I have no idea how to answear one of them. And if I wanted to pass I needed to know everything.

There was this pause, a moment of silence, while everyone wrote their concepts. I just sat there staring at the empty paper and knew what was up.

I returned the questions and left.

Even thought I kind of predicted the fail I was still pretty mad at myself when I got out. What cooled me down was a two hour coffee break with a friend I haven’t seen in months. We talked about a lot of unrelated stuff – it got my mind off the exam fail.

But on my way back home – when I finished a few things I had to do in the city center. I realised I’m geting a massive headache. And to make things worse there were no available seats on the bus ride home. So I stood in the middle of the buss reading through the book, trying to find the answear to that damn exam question.

Came home. The headache got so intense I could hear my heart beat in my ears. Went in for the hottest shower. Layed down. Continued going through the book looking for the answear and fell asleep with my head on it.

Four hours later. Head is a little clearer. Still no answear to the question.

As soon as I got up I knew that someone came home and I’m not alone. And because of everyone’s scheadule – I knew it was this guy I hate the most. We normally just avoid meeting in hallways, talking to each other and I can’t wait to move out and never have to pass by him in the house again. He’s too toxic and really hard to deal with. So I decided I’m not staying in. I put some fresh clothes on – took my jacket, some money and my phone and went out.

The fresh air hit me. I was so tyred of everything the late September cold weather felt like some early February shit. But it made my blood flow faster. Woke me up. Shook me.

Realised I have no milk left and I ran out of fruit and hummus so my no-purpouse walk ended up being a trip to the super market.

Now I’m back home. Drinking coffee with milk and too much sugar. Realising I really need a filter like this one. You know, the writing thing. Maybe I’ll make it into a habit… fill it in with some pictures. Maybe not. We’ll see. I just know I’m much better now.



After all that comotion, terrible sleeping hours, noise everywhere and seas of people just flooding my headspace, I decided to skip the usual Saturday out and Sunday afternoon and be futurely productive. I’ve done some graphic design due in November and December – because the summer is just too hard for me and I wanted to think about the beautiful cold weather. The work was followed by not answearing any messages for more than 24 hours to help me calm down and think more clearly.

Some problems followed my social shut down, problems at home, in the middle of the night, and my reaction really caught me by surprise. I couldn’t sleep until the first sun in the morning, thinking that, as much as I don’t want to care, I most certanly do. Guess all those people around me can just walk away but I’m not that sort of a person. I want to help and solve this.

Seems as if my work, those long term problems and my currently only overwhelming suroundings are the main reason I don’t make jewelry anymore. I tried more then a few times, the inspiration is dead. Hope that autumn will bring me a fresh start.

• • •

On the other hand: I can’t say that summer was only terrible. I had my four days of ”rest” after more than three years of constant working. It happened during Exit festival – and I know, a music festival as big as Exit isn’t the best for resting, but it literally was the first time in such a long time I said no to doing any type of work, left my computer at home and slept throughout most of the days, spent time at the pool in the evening and my nights out at the fortress. I was only with people I really like. Met new ones from all around the world, but not force-met because we need something from each other work-wise…. We just talked and laughed. That beautiful simplicity is what made Exit the highlight of my summer.


I indulged in a lot of mind-numbing activities lately. Actually, everything I’ve been doing since I came home can fall into that category.

Whenever I catch myself trying to do something courageously fresh and positive, I throw in an excuse and just shut it down.

The work brings too much stress lately and I guess everything I do in my spare time is just a way to compensate. I catch myself blowing off coffee dates, late-evening hang out sessions with some of my favorite creative people and doing as little actual work as humanly possible – while in the same time ditching books for binge-watching old TV series and documentaries about fashion.

Why? I have no idea. Guess the warm weather just tires me.

The thing that really interests me fashion-wise right now is comfort. Something that was always pretty important to me and it is more and more important each day.

Hand in hand with it is the terible state of clothes quality, that made me rething my summer shoping strategy and ditch H&M for online fabric stores.

If comfort, normal price and quality is too much to ask in one piece of clothing I will make it myself or at least try to.

The only rule is: no rush! If I’ll do this I might as well do it properly.

• • •

I spent a few hours on Dev9t festival in Belgrade this Friday. It ends next Saturday and I will be visiting again. The picture on the tumbnail is from that night. More about it soon.

A comeback?

I’ve been in and out of country for some time now and it was refreshing. The feeling of wasting my time in this godforsaken place has faded, giving me time to reflect upon what I’m doing with my life and how my twenties are going by.

For some time now I haven’t gotten that bitter aftertaste from travels – you know the one “a week ago I was eating dinner in this gorgeous restaurant on a rooftop terrace overlooking Jerusalem” and now I’m back here, back at the ordinary. For me that went hand in hand with at least a two week period of depression.

The thing is… I started feeling at home everywhere I go.

I’m working too much, as usual, but in the same time finding myself really understanding better what I like and what I dislike doing. The intense working processes took a lot of time from me, time I used to spend with other people, and made me alone most of the time. My focus shifted from others to myself. I’m reflecting a lot and getting to understand my own wishes better.

I didn’t create any jewelry for months, but in the same time I am sort of living from my own art – graphic design (which is really starting to grow on me) and writing (too much…).

The trip to Jerusalem which I came back from 2 weeks ago made me confront something I was so good at avoiding – my blogs, especially this one.

I followed four bands created out of musicians representing five countries – Italy, Portugal, Germany, Serbia and Israel – my job being to follow their progress of creating two songs each. For this I used my blogging skills and it’s a thing that got me thinking about all the blogs I’ve forgotten. That’s why I’m back. I’ve been desperately avoiding this blog because it shows how much I’ve neglected something that meant a lot to me – creating with my own hands on a daily basis.

The computer is my main tool now which is sad and I’m sort of looking for ways to transfer as much work into “real” life as I can. Seems as if everything went into an unexpected direction.

I’ve made some big mistakes since the year started but oddly they really helped me get new viewpoints and grow as a person – opposed to freaking and flipping out as I would just a few months ago.

So is this a comeback? Who knows. I guess I’ll wait and see.

Here are some phone photos from my last trip (Israel, Palestine, Turkey).

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Introducing: Maria Barbaricum

Okay, so my metal journey has begun. I poked holes, scratched, broke, hammered, cut, drilled through a piece of aluminium I got from a dear creative friend Maria Barbaricum (wrote about it HERE), and still haven’t made anything, at least in my opinion, worth posting on this blog or my FB page. So, until I get a hold of everything and actually make something wearable, I wanted to introduce you to Maria’s work.

I did something similar on my aunt’s and mine Macin Štaf blog, which is in Serbian. It was called Creative Monday (see it HERE). Every other Monday I posted a short interview and photos of my favorite Balkan-based artist. Sitničarnica (Maja Bu), Cut TiMe (Tijana Squishy), Steampunk By Maja (Maja Tasić) and Melevi Melevi’s (Milena Bugarski), are just some of the artists and friends I featured.

Maria Barbaricum
Photo by: Milica Duždević

The girl I’m presenting today is one of the people responsible for this metal experiment of mine – Maria Barbaricum.

In the short interview below, she explains the process and progress of her creative artwork, what has inspired her to begin and develop artistically. Also, make sure you check out her FB profile (there’s an ongoing giveaway!!!) and the photos she selected for you.

Dregona makes: When is it you started creating?

Maria: I don’t think there is an exact moment I started creating! I’ve always been into making stuff, drawing, putting things together… I grew up in a creative family and early on learnt that a lot of things can be made instead of bought.

What about the jewelry?

-As for the jewelry, I started making it for my own needs as early as elementary school, from leather, beads, chains… During my high school days I continued working with different materials, whatever I could get my hands on, that looked like a potential bracelet or necklace to me.

The real epiphany I got when I started studying archaeology. Through literature and slightly less on the field, I got a chance to meet with jewelry from different periods and cultures. The one I really got impressed by was the jewelry of the bronze and iron age in Balkan region, because it contains an optimal dose of raw beauty and simplicity. Only one piece of jewelry, incorporated from past to present world, can change everyday wear and the way modern people look like and point out the simple beauty that was known more than couple of thousand years ago!

So that’s when you started making jewelry under Barbaricum alias?

– The idea about jewelry I’m making today came out clear to me about four years ago. Before that, with a friend and colleague Milica Rajičić, I worked on something we called Tallulah Freedom. We were into jewelry made of wire, fabrics, eco leather, beads, etc. The idea about Barbaricum came out of that.

Jewelry was sold via Facebook at first and at jewelry fairs, some of which were organized by me. I wish there are more of those today, because it’s one of the best ways for creative people to show their work.

What materials do you usually use?

– At the moment I’m making jewelry out of aluminum wire and sheet metal, rarely copper. I say at the moment because, well, who knows, every day I get interested into something new.

Okay so you like experimenting and discovering new things… Is there something characteristic for all of your work?

– The only thing that is kind of constant in my work is the idea of jewelry that resembles something old, has a symbolic value, but is also very wearable now, in everyday life. Jewelry must have a story, it shouldn’t only be a piece you match by color to a scarf or clothes, that’s only one of it’s possibilities.

What kind of technique do you use?

– The jewelry making technique I use for my work is a result of years and years of experimenting with materials and tools, so it mostly came out of my own experience and advice I got from some artisans and internet tutorials. Technique is as simple and old as the look of the jewelry I’m trying to achieve.

Do you cooperate with someone right now?

– I currently work alone, but I’m interested into cooperating! We’ll see where the idea takes me, maybe I find another crazy person to work with me!

How can people buy your work and what about the prices?

– Prices of my work are adapted for Serbian market. I consider them very inexpensive. They go from 300 (≈2.5 EUR; ≈2.8 USD) to 2000 dinars (≈16.6 EUR; ≈18.7 USD). At the moment jewelry can be ordered through my Facebook profile, and soon, I hope so, it will be possible on my website as well. Barbaricum jewelry can also be seen in two stores in Pančevo, Serbia – Džidžabidžarnica Duša and Astreja Art.

And, for the end, single out an artist you admire the most.

– There is more than one artist whose work I admire. To me, artists who are working on creating replicas of autenthic jewelry from prehistoric age, especially iron age, are remarcable! As for the design, I very much like Cobalt Blue from a Polish autor Eva Lompa.

The world of aluminium and an artist to follow

If you looked thru THIS album I posted on my new Facebook page, you probably noticed one of the artist I tagged – Maria Barbaricum! The photo is just a detail of her work, but I was amazed with her art and, to be honest, very interested in the way she makes it.


I bought myself a pair of her earrings and she gave me the ring for free as a birthday present. So I Barbaricumed myself already!

Maria Barbaricum

And for the last couple of days I’ve been wearing these and looking at them and thinking about them… So I decided to also give it a go! Dregona goes aluminium! 🙂

I always wanted to experiment with metal, because I love the simplicity of it and how it can be stunning and longlasting and just everything I want from a jewelry piece. Maria gave me a small board (under her jewelry on the photo above, 15 x 30 cm), but it should be enough for the first try. I already got all the tools I need and started to read about it online. Just have to make sure I won’t burn something or someone. My experiments are always interesting. Especially with fire. 😀

Besides getting ready for using this new material, thinking about safety precautions and what I’ll make for the giveaway I promised, I’m also preparing a post about Maria’s jewelry. Expect that soon!

Can’t wait to aluminiumize my work and write about it. 🙂

Until next post,


PS: my cat salutes you

New page, giveaway and more

Yesterday was my birthday. *mini yey*

I showcased my jewelry at Eko-Art jewelry fair, and made a complete sell out! Yep, that’s it you guys, no jewelry left!

Hanging out on Eko-Art jewelry fair

Also, as I promised, my own Facebook page Dregona makes is up and running! And the first thing i used it for is to post a photo album from yesterday. Check it out on THIS link.

On Macin Štaf jewelry page, right before publishing my own, I announced that I’ll be making a giveaway to mark the start of this creative journey. Expect the giveaway in the next few days. I have to make something first because there’s nothing left!

Another thing I wanted to talk about, because of a conversation I had with a dear friend a couple of days ago, is the idea that stands behind everything creative I do. I guess I haven’t talked about it enough before. So here it is.

The main reason I created Dregona makes is to learn and grow. I don’t want to go all philosophical on you now or sound corny, but…

Imagine an artist sees a tree and realized it’s branches have an amazing pattern and/or shape. Than he/she comes home, finds some materials and creates a jewelry piece that resembles it.

Than imagine yourself going to a jewelry fair, seeing that art piece and totally falling in love with it. Seeing the interesting pattern and/or shape, the beautiful idea and wondering how did this artist make it, how did the process of making go, what kind of material is that, is it something new or have people been using this before…

I’m usually inspired by simple and small things like that and I want to talk about the way I create. Also, I’m very interested in other artist’s ideas and other people’s opinions. Every one of us is an individual, has a different taste and sensibility, and I want to learn more about it. How is life affecting your style?

With that said and questioned, I’m finishing this post with a song I really like. As most of you know, I’m all into electronic music. And this guy is coming to Belgrade in November. 🙂




This internet life of mine has become such a huge mess. Lately, because I’m active in journalism, creative artwork and activism, I’ve become a slave of what I liked the most: internet promotion and social media management. I’m running two Instagram profiles, two FB profiles, seven FB pages, twitter profiles, tumblr, wordpress, and blogs on blogger and more, so this cute little thing of mine seems to be on a downward spiral.

I love this blog and I love being creative too much to give it up. Not writing here is actually making me mad in a way because I know I have a good platform to say everything I want about my art, creating and art in general, but the time is just slipping from me in a way.

Here is what’s been going on since the last time I spilled my beans.

I’ve been very creative in the meantime and have made a lot of still unseen peaces of jewelry. My lovely friends Katarina, Vanja and Teodora brought me some crazy gorgeous peaces of random computers, so my studio is filled with materials ready to be used.

Today and tomorrow I’ll be taking out some of the peaces on a jewelry fair to try to find them a new owner. I’m mostly talking about Technologic peaces, some freshly made rings, pendants and earrings.

FreeShop bazarThe fair will be held in Pančevo, Serbia, in front of a youth center, as a part of FreeDom Art festival. The fair called FreeShop bazar will be held from 7 to 9 pm today and tomorrow so, if you are in Serbia and near, come, visit and say hi. 🙂

As for other news, I’m preparing for a huge sale on my birthday on September 12th. Also I’ll be oppening my own FB page on that day just to make it symbolic. My sketchbook is full of ideas, and my hands are ready to create. I just have to finish all of the exams on my college and give it a go. Can’t wait to create.

Here is some of the peaces, and if you like or want something for yourself contact me HERE.


What’s cooking? #1

Hey you guys!

I’m not going to apologize, make lame excuses or continue reassuring myself I’m going to be more active on this address, cause you and I both know that I won’t! My life is too darn hectic to commit myself to a blog that’s not even in my native language, and the fact that I’m now without a camera makes things even worse!

Just to be clear – this is not a goodbye post! This is a let’s get things going in here y’all post. xD

Technologic in progress

A friend of mine gave her camera to me yesterday to extract some photos for a youth magazine I work in. Of course, the opportunity was too got not to make photos for this blog, only this time not photos of jewelry but photos of a jewelry making process.

Technologic in progress

This is a ring that I’m currently finishing. It’s another Technologic peace, only this time made out of a yellow motherboard.

Technologic in progress

The yellow motherboard piece I got from a jewelry maker and a friend of mine Moonkatwa. Check out THIS link to see her work. If you are a boho lover like me you won’t be disappointed. 🙂

Technologic in progress

The ring is drying right now. 🙂 I’ll post a photo when it’s completely dry. By then, here is some classic music for you. 😀 Follow THE LINK and enjoy this day as much as I am. 🙂 Also, if you are on Instagram, don’t mind lame ass quality photos and wanna know what I’m up to all day, follow me HERE. 🙂

Until next post,